SURGE® Storm 40

SURGE® Storm 40


The Surge Storm 40 is a more compact version of the Surge Storm (33.25″ length vs. 42”), offering the same efficient means of active, fluid resistance training. Developed and manufactured in the USA, this unique implement takes some of the basic unstabilized resistance concepts found in large DIY slosh pipes, and re-creates them in a practical, portable, fully customizable weight training tool.

One of the key benefits of active resistance training is that the weight distribution of the object in use is never static. With water-filled devices, the back-and-forth fluctuations in mass during a workout are believed to better simulate real-world challenges on the muscles and joints, thereby honing an athlete’s core stability and helping his or her range of motion and efficiency of movement.

The Surge Storm 40’s 8.25″ diameter is double that of the average PVC slosh pipe, but it’s also less than half the length, at just under 3′. This—along with a unique triple-handle design—makes it far easier to transport and maneuver. Meanwhile, the Riptide’s convenient, removable fill cap and measurement gauge allows athletes and coaches to quickly adjust and customize the device’s weight to meet every individual user’s needs.

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